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Ever wondered how does these food delivering start-ups earn from ??

EVER wondered the which is the best online delivering app out of these main four leads ????    


don’t worry we are here to answer all your queries and will also compare these food delivery giants with each other to make things more clear for you all. So all four of these companies are food delivering companies  all of them provide a single window for ordering from wide range of restaurants ,all of them have their personal employees who initiate and delivers the food ordered, basically their main people are these delivery boys as these companies are not the ones who own the restaurants who are involved in  preparing the food  their core business  is to deliver the ordered food .




  1. The revenue generating model of these companies is commission based which they charge around 10%-20% from these restaurants which vary from restaurant to restaurant.

        2. The other way through which these companies  are  earning is through the amount they charge on delivering the food ordered

 The startup idea is quite appreciable as these companies are helping the restaurants as they have increased their sales and by listing the restaurant on their apps they have increased the range of  the restaurant, earlier the restaurant was giving its services to the people living in nearby places  or to the people coming to the restaurant but with the help of these apps they can provide their food anywhere the company is giving its services as the delivery is done by these people as now anyone can look for the restaurant and their menu and order accordingly to his preference this has lead to the  increase in their wide  range and even expansion . So it is a WIN-WIN  situation for the restaurant owner.

The people, especially in India,  are in love with eating, Indians have cravings for food nearly throughout the day but sometimes feel lazy to go to a particular restaurant or place to have what they need or like to eat from. Even time management is  also a concern sometimes so people don’t often visit the restaurants but these companies have solved this big problem and  work on this idea of delivering the food  you like or like to eat  from a particular restaurant, they  will even  deliver the cheapest item that is there in the store but it must be listed on their menu. So it is WIN-WIN situation for the consumer as well so looks a good business idea.

By reading the above information you can see that the happiest among the three is the costumer which is the most important thing and the secret for all the successful businesses, as the best business idea that can be is solving the problem for people which people themselves cannot solve. Which will afterwards automatically become  PROFITABLE as profit-making is the optimum purpose for any business. 



     BASICS OF    DIFFERENTION          ZOMATO               SWIGGY             FOODPANDA           UBEREATS 
    founded in the       year         2008         2013     december 2016         9  july 2018
     founders   Deepinder goyal and pankaj chaddah  harsha , nandan, rahul  Ralf Wenzel, Rohit Chadda, Benjamin Bauer and Felix Plog   Garrett Camp
    headquaters     gurgaon, india   banglaore, india      berlin ,germany     california,USA
     funding    $443.8million    $255million       $431.45million
   valuation     $1.1billion     $650million        $20billion


ALL four companies at this time are facing big heavy LOSSES.  The amount is in a hundred- thousand crores, but the owners are more than happy running in losses as they are backed up by crores of external foreign funding and right now their main focus is to acquire most of the customers and the market share. ALL four keep a check on each other’s work as  THEIR  current aim is to cut down the competion, for this a lot of STRATEGIES  have been laid down by the companies.