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The concept of entrepreneurship in its modern form has evolved over a period of several centuries.T he different theories of entrepreneurship have been proposed that attempt to highlight and explain various factors behind the emergence of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurs. On this website, you get to know about the popular theories of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs, basically all the leaders from their respective field how they all were able to reach the level where they are right now.


Basically, entrepreneurship is building something from practically nothing. It is a knack of sensing opportunity where others see chaos, contradiction and confusion. It is also the most important the ATTITUDE of  mind to seek opportunities, take calculated risks and derive benefits by setting up proper good ventures so we in this site of our LEADERSHIP FUNNEL are here to develop your business skills provide you with  the BEST BUSINESS FRAMEWORKS , THUS entrepreneurship comprises numerous activities involved in conception, creation and running an enterprise . All these activites are the pre-requistes of speedy development of entreprenuers and also for the training and developmnt of the economy. That is our, central government has been taking special measures for the training and development of entrepreneurs and also ensuring financial assistance and other facilities for the success of entrepreneurial ventures. The present volume is a modest attempt to describe the nature and importance of entrepreneurship, various stages in creating an enterprise, management of an enterprise, operational problems of small entrepreneurs and the government policy for the protection and encouragement of small entrepreneurs. AND I’m pretty sure like in the country like ours the people are soo much talented they are not lacking in ability at all, just there is need of proper trainings and guidance, an environment where they can grow develop their skills. THEY can also compete with the foreign giants one of the biggest examples is( OLA cabs, Flipkart) so the admin himself will try his level best to give you the best content especially to the people who want to start their business or  want growth in their businesses  and According to the admin each and every individual should know how to do business to earn living it is very important for each individual to have knowledge of  how to do a business .So with this the Admin will GIVE HIS 100% to spread the knowledge and provide whatever he can to his fullest, I as the admin of the page is fully-dedicated towards giving the best frameworks possible and will try to build  good business skills in you  and I’m sure I will definitely help you in future to achieve your dreams and if   the Admin is able to change or influence one life also he will feel that his purpose of making the website  is successful and that will be a big success to the Admin.

Then in our page, we will also PROVIDE  detailed information about the businesses that have been in the news in recent times. , our main focus would be on the new startups. In return, the Admin requires good feedbacks from the VIEWERS as this would encourage the admin to write more. Please provide your valuable comments, reviews any sort of request and even  complaints are duly welcomed  and if you guys want to share your own reviews  complains while experiencing a certain  company or its product, service you guys are most welcome to write them in the comment section or you can even mail the admin we will definitely post it on our page, as the admin feel it will be a great help to others as this would create good awareness overall , The Admin will be eagerly waiting for your reviews and feedbacks.